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How important and significant is mould maintenance?

Time:2021-08-16 Preview:190

A good maintenance of the mould, mould assembly, and debugging, can shorten the time and reduce the production failure, make production running smoothly, ensure product quality, reduce scrap loss, and reduce enterprise operating costs and fixed asset investment. Maintaining mould will ensure the mould has a good condition in producing quality products in the next production cycle. Therefore, for injection molding products processing, in the current market competition, good maintenance of the mould, is essential for enterprises.

As the most important molding equipment for injection molding products, the quality of injection mould is directly related to the quality of products. And, because the mould cost usually takes the larger proportion in the injection molding processing production cost, its service life will impact the injection molding products cost. Therefore, to improve the quality of injection mould, and maintenance and prolong its use cycle, is an important task for injection molding products processing enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Injection molding products processing due to the variety of products, mould replacement is more frequent, after the completion of a production cycle, the mould is generally stored until the next production cycle comes out to use. If insufficient attention is paid to the preservation of moulds, corrosion and surface finish will occur during the preservation period of moulds, resulting in decreased product quality and high rejection rate. Some moulds are even difficult to reuse. A large amount of money needs to be re-invested in new moulds, resulting in great waste.